New Website: OSU SEI

Feb. 15, 2011, 9:39 p.m.

I recently finished designing a new website for the Oregon State University Sustainable Energy Initiative. We will be using this site for group news, pictures of events we participate in, and information about projects we are working on. This was my first time using Wordpress for a site I've developed. OSU Marketing provides a Wordpress template for use on University websites, but it was not designed for a Wordpress installation not being used primarily as a blog. I heavily modified the template, and using other OSU branding resources, developed a unique custom theme for SEI.

It's always a pain to have to remember so many online usernames and passwords, so rather than create new accounts for everybody on the SEI site, I tried to figure out a way to authenticate against the College of Engineering's existing LDAP accounts database. COE has a generic web authentication page already, so I wrote a custom plugin - also a first for me - to hook into Wordpress's login process and log users in with the COE Auth page. It is now working smoothly, and automatically adds members of the SEI LDAP group as Wordpress admins when they log in.

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