These are a few of the small software projects I have created. Unless otherwise stated, all of the software here is original work, and is available free of charge. You may redistribute this software in the original form with attribution, but please do not resell, modify or rebrand it. Please note that all software and downloads provided on this website come with no warranty or guarantee. Follow all computer instructions at your own risk.

Enable Synaptics Multitouch Gestures in Google Chrome

Enables three-finger-swipe forward-and-backward gestures for Synaptics Multitouch Touchpads in Google Chrome. Requires a synaptics multitouch trackpad. To check if your computer has one, look in the notification icons for the synaptics icon.

Windows 7 Logon Screens

In Windows 7, you can customize your login screen to be any image you want. I have created several downloads with photographs I've taken, already resized and saved in the format needed to use as a Windows 7 Logon Background. You can copy the files and configure it yourself, or run the included install script and everything will be set up automatically.

Windows 7 Installation Disk IE9 Integrator

Automates the process of integrating Internet Explorer 9 with a Windows 7 installation DVD or flash drive.

Automatically Put Your Computer to Sleep After Backups

Automatically puts the computer to sleep or hibernates when a backup finishes. Before hibernating the computer, displays a warning for a user-configurable amount of time, allowing them to cancel the timed suspend or immediately suspend or hibernate the computer.

Application Timer

Application Timer will load any installer or application you choose. When you click Run, it starts the application, and displays a timer. The timer stops automatically when the application closes, or if you manually kill the application or stop the timer. Used for measuring installation times as a benchmarking tool. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

Stack Exchange Side-By-Side Editing

The Stack Exchange Side-By-Side Editor (SE-SBS) adds a link to your edit toolbar to enter side-by-side editing mode. Creates a lightboxed window with just the edit text area and the markdown preview. In Chrome, the edit area will resize dynamically with the window to best fit the size.

TI-84+ Programs

Various TIBASIC programs I have created for my math and science classes over the years. Most of the programs are compatible with both the TI-83+ and TI-84+, but a few only work on the TI-84+.

Firefox Customized Installer

Compiles a customized installer for Mozilla Firefox with add-ons and settings pre-set or locked. Intended for sysadmins deploying wanting to deploy a uniform Firefox configuration over many computers.